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AZUR Innova experts can help you develop custom software to meet your specific business needs and thus make your business unique.

Our priority is to help you relaunch your growth through the Cloud while offering a flexible working model to your employees.


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AZUR Innova experts can help you configure and customize Microsoft & Salesforce Cloud solutions to modernize your business and make your operations more efficient.

Our priority is to help you relaunch your growth through the Cloud while offering a flexible working model to your employees.




25 August 2020

‘The future of SMEs depends on their ability to transform rapidly through the Cloud’ – By Jean-Louis Lalonde, AZUR Group CEO

Did you know that about 50% of Canadian SMEs companies will require a physical return of their employees to the office in the fall?* These companies found that their back-office applications would not be able to support remote work efficiently and safely over a long period of time. In addition, 23% of SMEs with fewer than 100 employees simply doubt that their IT team has the skills to manage new technologies, especially Cloud services.

The pandemic has shown us that remote accessibility of all SMEs business processes is paramount to help them stay in business and hope to return to robust and sustainable growth.

* According to a survey conducted by OVHCloud and discussed in a recent article in ‘Les Affaires’

Digital Strategy

A large majority of companies already have access to a front-office web suite (Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, …) and that’s why collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, … have allowed companies to keep business relationships at bay during the pandemic. However, in order to revive their growth, companies will need to modernize theirs back office applications (operations) in order to become more flexible and better integrated with their customers, suppliers and employees.

SMEs need to quickly implement a digital strategy with clear objectives to identify the key technology enablers they need for their digital transformation projects.


Identifying, communicating, inviting and tracking leads through multiple sources and social networks in an automated way to reduce costs but at the same time respecting their expectations.


Convert leads more efficiently with personalized, intelligent approaches tailored to their business needs.


Allow customers to do business with the company on their own terms, whenever they want and how they want to.


Introduce innovative technologies such as infrastructure, software and Cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart bots, interactive voice response and more…


Becoming a data-driven business, including fact-based decision-making and a better understanding of customer expectations.

Digital in-house

Boost productivity and efficiency through fully digitized internal processes that will need to be customized to the specific needs of customers, suppliers, and employees through web applications integrated into the company’s IT solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

From accounting, sales, production, order tracking and automatic diagnostics, SMEs are used to having many manual processes that limit their ability to adapt. They need to invest now in a Cloud platform to make their operations more efficient, less expensive and easier to manage remotely.

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of SMEs need to be guided through the complexity and flexibility of Cloud infrastructure. They need to rely on a Cloud Solution Provider Program that helps better manage all Cloud solutions and services. These experts master all aspects of the Cloud, which are divided into three broad categories: software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). These three categories of tools support a comprehensive Cloud model to accelerate the digital transformation of the companies.

In order to deploy innovative and unique web solutions to their processes, companies must also rely on a DevSecOps approach that helps frame Agile development cycles. Include continuous deployment, proactive security measures, automated testing and ongoing monitoring to effectively detect and resolve incidents.

For example, the machines of the modern factory now contain IoT sensors that collect a lot of operational and production data. The machines are connected to the company’s internal servers that can transmit data to databases in the Cloud. By developing web analytics services to process IoT information, you can generate dashboards and reports to help employees better understand how these machines work.

All these activities require a lot of technical knowledge that most SMEs cannot acquire easily because it is not their main expertise.

Cloud Software Packages

From now on, Cloud software packages are becoming a must for SMEs. Whether it is to better manage customer relationships, automate marketing campaigns and manage back office processes, SMEs need to turn to modern solutions that are safely accessible in the office and at home.

In our rapidly changing business world, more and more organizations are moving their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes to the Cloud, and with good reason. The Cloud offers flexibility, increased security, reduced upfront costs and a host of advantages over in-house solutions. A business Cloud package will connect internal systems and processes by integrating financial management, sales, services and operations securely through the web.

Personalizing Cloud Software Package

Cloud software package offers basic features that enable to manage core business operations. However, we live in a world where stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) ask for personalized services according to their expectations. It seems wrong to claim that software packages can provide innovative solutions that make your services attractive and unique in the marketplace.

That’s why, it’s necessary to integrate innovative web applications with software packages to complement SMEs Cloud offering. In addition to Agile solution development, SMEs can set up web line of business web apps with a low-code platform. This type of approach allows to create innovative web solutions through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional software programming. This option is very attractive for quickly and cheaply deploying medium to low complexity business solutions.

It is clear, the future of many companies will be played out in the next year, and this will depend in large part on their ability, or not, to telework effectively.

All digital transformation activities require a lot of technical knowledge that most SMEs cannot acquire on their own quickly, hence the need to collaborate with a seasoned Cloud technology partner.

AZUR Group

Our priority is to help you relaunch your growth through the Cloud while offering a flexible work model for your employees.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping our customers by developing innovative web software to stand out from their competitors. In addition, we install Microsoft and Salesforce Cloud solutions to make their operations even more efficient and secure via the Internet. To optimize their results, we apply IB and AI treatments to their data to obtain dashboards that better guide their businesses. Our services and solutions:

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  • Setting up and customizing Microsoft and Salesforce Cloud software packages