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AZUR Innova is an exciting Cloud initiative. Its main goal is to boost the proficiency of business unit stakeholders with a unique Optimized Agile Solution. It offers a very efficient way to develop high quality Cloud solutions for medium and large businesses.


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EFS is a Canadian and multilingual solution developed by local treasurers. It is flexible and adaptable to your cash management needs. It enables treasurers and CFOs to simplify and automate their operations, improve decision-making and ensure optimal risk management.




12 July 2020

Interface Holds All Secrets: A Brand-New Project Sheet Generator

It is with great pride that we announce the completion of an innovative project for one of our clients. The latter works in the designing and manufacturing industry, and its products are used by millions of consumers around the world. The goal of the project was to provide our client a Web-based interface that allowed them to manage the pricing of their products and to optimize its operations. Prior to this project, all the work related to this process was done using Excel spreadsheets, which monopolized the resources because of the amount of work this generated. When we first started the project, it was estimated that this interface that we were creating for our client would reduce the time spent on old spreadsheets by 50%. It also had to have the capacity to perform automatic calculations based on the employees’ choices. The end results far exceeded all our predictions and expectations and those of the organization with which we did business. One of their staff members even said that our solution allowed the team to save 80% of the time they used to spend on their spreadsheets.

In the end we declared this project successful because of two things:

    1. Our client and his whole department were extremely pleased with the quality of the interface. They very quickly understood how much money and time this tool would save them in the long run. They very adamantly expressed how much they liked our work at the unveiling of the solution.
    2. The Web interface has been designed to meet the needs of a single department in our client’s business. However now that this interface has been built, it will be presented to the rest of the company and it may motivate other departments to get a similar one. It does not matter if their way of working differs: we specialize in tailor-made solutions!

    For more details on our approach see us in action.

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