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Our priority is to help you relaunch your growth through the Cloud while offering a flexible working model to your employees.




03 October 2017

3 Major Benefits of Angular 2 for Business Web Application Development

After creating one of the most popular frameworks in recent years with AngularJS, many wondered how Google would live up to expectations with its next version, Angular 2. Would they simply address key issues raised by users, add some new features and adjust the logo, or go for a major overhaul of the framework? Surely, the safe bet would have been the first option: after all, you usually don’t change a winning formula. But that’s not Google’s way of doing things. Instead, the tech giant took the risk of completely rewriting AngularJS. Google gambled on this decision, because they wanted Angular 2 to shape the future they had envisioned for web application development. Brad Green, Engineering Director at Google, explained this vision in a recent keynote presentation: “With AngularJS, we were primarily a tool for building desktop apps rapidly […]. With Angular 2, we’re building an integrated ecosystem that covers all of the concerns in building web applications, […] so that developers can focus more on the user experience and less about how to satisfy the machines.” In this article, we will discuss key changes brought to Angular 2 and highlight how they will simplify business web application development. We will also provide some insights from our R&D activities conducted by our Angular 2 experts over the past 12 months. Finally, we will discuss how we use Angular 2 to build impressive cloud prototypes in 48 hours or less, therefore providing project stakeholders with an efficient path to project understanding, feasibility and scoping.

1.It’s more powerful and designed for business projects

Based on our extensive R&D activities, we can assert that Angular 2 is the framework of choice for businesses with medium- to large-scale projects. First, Angular 2 is developed by Google and backed by Microsoft, which ensures a quality framework and technical support availability. Second, Angular 2 already has a large base of developers ready to provide expert services in delivering cloud software development projects worldwide. From a technological standpoint, the Angular 2 development team accomplished an impressive task: they built a more powerful and flexible JavaScript framework while greatly increasing its performance. To do so, they implemented a component-based UI from which controllers and directives were eliminated. Angular 2 components have selectors instead, allowing users to choose only what they need to see and use. As a result, the loading time of UI elements is greatly reduced. The Angular 2 team also added integrated translation, accessibility tools, improved end-to-end testing (E2E) and security mechanisms. Moreover, Angular 2 uses Microsoft TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) as main programming language. This simplifies the development process by significantly decreasing the number of decisions that developers have to make. Therefore, it allows developers to focus on what really matters: the user experience.

2.It’s built for mobile

The rise of the mobile web has changed application development drastically over the past few years. It is no longer satisfactory to simply “consider” mobile use in the development process. Instead, developers need to build and optimize applications specifically for mobile use. Another aspect adds challenge to application development: a large proportion of applications are actually not downloaded as native apps, but are rather experienced directly on the web. With its mobile orientation, Angular 2 can greatly simplify application development on all mobile platforms. Finally, by improving the speed and interactivity of their web applications, companies can improve user experience. This in turn enhances customer engagement, drives sales and generates more overall value to the organization.

3.It’s more than a tool: it’s an ecosystem

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Angular 2 is the fact that it is now much more than a tool for building web applications. Indeed, the main challenge that Angular 2 tackles is the integration of various development platforms. For organizations with applications running on multiple platforms (Web, Mobile Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux) it is often tedious to share code as developers have varying skillsets. This code multiplicity makes the application development process a lot harder than it should be. Angular 2 resolves this issue by allowing developers to reuse components across multiple platforms, therefore creating code that can map across all platforms. This opens the door to huge potential gains in efficiency for organizations, thus reducing project time and cost.

Insights from our R&D efforts with Angular 2

At AZUR Innova, we started doing research and development as soon as the first Beta was released late 2015. To put the framework to the test, we used it to build a complete Angular 2 demo application illustrating several data management scenarios that businesses may require. Our experience has confirmed that Angular 2 does indeed accelerate and make the web application development process more efficient. We were actually able to reinvest the time that we saved into further improving key features of our demo app. In this process, we have also developed the ability to build Angular 2 applications on top of leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Google and Amazon. Finally, it is worth mentioning that AZUR Innova has integrated all code templates from the demo app into its unique Optimized Agile Solution, allowing us to further speed up how we build high-quality cloud software.

How can Angular 2 help my organization today?

Does your organization have data management applications in need of technological upgrade? Would you like to experience the full potential of Angular 2? Simply contact us and submit your project. Upon project qualification, we will build a cloud prototype of your software on Angular 2 in 48 hours or less. We will build this prototype for free, meaning you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Launch your Angular 2 Project!

Curious about our Optimized Agile Solution and how it allows us to develop advanced Angular 2 cloud prototypes in less than 48 hours? Subscribe to our blog and read our next article where we discuss its foundations and the multiple benefits it brings to our clients.

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